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  • Gabe & Ayden

    Perfect young friendship between two little boys that will hopefully make many memories together and be there for each other for years to come!!

  • Whitton Blythe

    There is something about watching a baby being brought into the world. The love that parents have for their baby before it is even born is a love like no other. Congrats to Alex & Whitney for a job well done and for letting me capture this beautiful moment!!

  • Goins Wedding

    Everyone deserves a Happily Ever After and Amanda got hers! It is amazing to watch two people come together and become One especially with they are amazing like these two! Congrats to both of you!

  • Easton Blaze

    Easton Blaze is already so loved! It is amazing how much love a family can have for a little baby way before it is even brought into the world! He is adorable and his parents are just beaming!

  • Kinard Wedding

    What is the best way to spend a Saturday??? At a WEDDING! The Kinard wedding was amazing! They had a beautiful outdoor country wedding with a lot of family and friends! Check out their awesome wedding video!

  • Dutton Fresh 48

    I love Fresh 48 Sessions in the hospital. These are always a great way to remember those special moments right after you welcome your new bundle of joy into the world. It is a great way to let family friends know you have welcomed your bundle of joy into the world.

  • Sam & Sabrina BFF Session

    This is a video to honor their friendship together. It is a great way to showcase their friendship!

  • Jeorjia & Daniel

    Their wedding day was a day to remember. Beautiful and loving day!